Samsung ‘Flow in the Galaxy TabPro S’ now allows users to log in to laptops through their smartphones


Samsung, like Apple, is striving to colligate its devices so that they work better together. A new effort bridges the gulf between the company's Android handsets and Windows devices.

A new feature called Flow in new Galaxy TabPro S helps the Windows 10 tablet work perfect with Galaxy smartphones running Android. The super-slim tablet started shipping in US with a starting price of $899.

So far Samsung's Windows PCs and Android devices didn't work hand-in-hand. Flow provides some interesting hints on Samsung's plan to link Windows and Android devices.

Flow allows Android smartphone users to use their devices to log in to Windows PCs. Users can swipe a finger on a smartphone's fingerprint reader, logging a user into the TabPro S, which doesn't have a fingerprint reader. Similarly, users can log in to the TabPro S by pattern authentication -- by drawing specific shapes -- on smartphones. Those actions require a Flow application on a smartphone, which passes on authentication information to the TabPro S through NFC protocols.

Flow will also allow message and call notifications on Galaxy smartphones to appear on the TabPro S. This was not possible on earlier Samsung PCs. It's a feature drawn from Samsung's Gear smart watches which can show smartphone notifications.

Flow also links the TabPro S to a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot on a Galaxy smartphone.

The TabPro S screen can be mirrored on Samsung TVs. Samsung's smartphones already work well with the company's TVs.

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