Business Continuity Planning

Logico SOPs do emphasize on backups while work is in progress and afterwards. Depending on the terms of the agreement, all solution and Sites are continuously monitored and backed up at set intervals. Logico Security protocols are inserted in the form of the programs to perform certain controls. Online websites of our clients and companies’ online business systems are organically monitored by our own written programs all the time we are engaged as per the contract.

Logico provides assurance to its clientele across the globe that their data is secure with us for our SOPs are rigorous enough to protect it. We understand how important a site or online system is for an individual and/or company that’s why we take good care of this and devote reasonable effort and time of our core team of programmers to monitor and maintain implementation of these SOPs.

Being among the top notch IT companies, Logico has recovered and safely extracted a lot many sites and CMSs after they were thrashed by hackers or went viral and never had we failed in blocking or recovering within the least possible time Alhamdulillah.

Crisis Management is integral part of our basic training. We spend on it for we know its value. Our clients never had to worry about theft or loss of data whatever the nature of it may be.

Logico security protocols are hard to infiltrate and even if someone does, he’d be rendered important by our policy we call’ LOGICO-M-TRIO’ that’s the backbone of all these defence and resilience mechanism.

Logico has always proved to be the first in accepting the challenges faced to any of its clients and we don’t fear catastrophes, we embrace them and embrace them in a super fast way. Our crisis management core team is light-fast.

Logico provides the best technology to defend your business, and the brightest minds to back it up. Serving companies from around the globe, , we ease your worries with computer network maintenance, data backups, and computer hard drive protection against unforeseen dangers.

Should your entity require data backup and recovery solutions, continuity planning, virtual data recovery, online data backup, hard drive or computer data recovery, data storage apps, or secure online server, you’ll find us ahead of everyone.

Be secure with Logico, we are here to serve you warding off your fear of data theft or any disaster of the kind that can come to harm your online presence. Contact our Faisalabad, Pakistan Office at +92418736369 , +92418726369 or get to us via contact us section on this site to stay away from the crippling dangers .