Online Workflow Solutions

Online workflow solutions are online applications that control the processing of one or more process in an organization simultaneously.

Using intranet or extranet platforms, Online Workflow Solutions provides different levels of access to different users from one or multiple departments to continue smooth workflow throughout the organization.

These systems provide automated solutions with minimal human interaction making it less vulnerable and authentic. Aim is to automate a process to its extent and achieving maximum efficiency. Online workflow solutions are also customized on the bases of organizational needs and requirements making it more flexible to meet its targets. Some workflow solutions may require input from external resources to operate, so these are developed in way to interact with other applications and systems to input data.

To support different tiers of management in an organization, such solutions play a vital role e.g. TPS Transaction Processing System supports at the tactical level, running a payroll online is an example of TPS. Similarly, DSS  is Decisions Support System used at operation level where managers use the data entered through different TPSs to generate reports and make decisions on basis of the outcome. Variance analysis are performed , analytical procedures are conducted to compare financial and non-financial data with budgets, previous years’ results and industry benchmarks. Again at the strategic level Management Information Systems are used for future forecasts.

Being a fast growing IT company, Logico is adapting to and inserting innovative additions to top notch contemporary information systems to help its corporate clients compete in the global market.

Benefits for such systems can be:

  • automated operations reducing labour cost
  • uniformity of data compilation
  • Precise and accurate reports help better decision making
  • Monotonous clerical work gets automated saving time for the managers to focus on core areas of business development
  • Business processes become congruent to the overall  business strategy
  • Ease of modification, scalability and adaptability with the varying size of organization
With our extensive experience developing such systems from scratch, we can help devising efficient systems for your organization.
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