Web Maintenance Services


Small Business Web Site Maintenance Package 7-Hour web site maintenance per month $110/month
Medium Size Business Web Site Maintenance Service 14-hour web site Maintenance per month $200/month
Corporate Maintenance Package 30-hour web site maintenance per month $425/month
Corporate Advanced Maintenance Package 50-hour web site maintenance per month $700/month

Web site maintenance Package includes following services

1.      Priority service, shorter Turn Around

2.      Update, correct or create new HTML web pages as requested

3.      Content updates, Image scanning, optimization and adding images to web sites

4.      Verifying all links

5.      Rectification of any malfunctioning module and refining the functionality

6.      Maintained compatibility with coding language and database version upgrades

7.      Insertion of additional Options in the CMS

Does not include Flash animation, complete database restructuring

Please choose with reference to the real scope of the work /month to avoid any confusion!