Affordable Web Design: Tips and Tricks
    17Nov, 2023
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    Affordable Web Design: Tips and Tricks

    Building a website is expensive, especially for new businesses with limited funding. On the other hand, having an online presence is also mandatory. We understand this. That is why we have curated some economical web design tips and tricks to help you land an affordable web design

    Let’s get started!

    Understand Your Needs

    Well, how does this relate to affordable web design tips and tricks? 

    It does. How? 

    We will explain some things here, and I will recall later why we added this not-obvious tip in this guide. For now, these are the reasons:

    • Without defining your web design needs, how would you measure where you are in the web design process? And what steps do you need to take to have an affordable web design?
    • Having a clear vision of your needs regarding web design, you can assess what kind of resources you need in the future.
    • Knowing your goals and needs helps you assess how much you would be spending relative to your current budget. 

    DIY (Do It Yourself) vs Professional Help

    The DIY (Do It Yourself) route is the best if you want to avoid spending money on web designers. And that is okay. You can leverage your time to save money. There is always a trade-off between time and money. Some DIY platforms are Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, etc. 

    Also, you are looking for an economical way to have a web design. That is why you are reading this article.

    But why consider having professional help?

    I want you to recall a golden quote here.

    “Time is the most valuable and expensive commodity and cannot be replaced.”


    Business owners often get professional help to save their precious time. If you need to launch your website quickly, spending money on professional web designers is a smart move. Still, you can save money … can choose some freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to find some low-cost web designers or you can directly hire economical and trustworthy web designers (Economical Web Design Offers).

    It helps you save valuable time to focus on other aspects of your business, like how you will be handling customer service. 

    Whether you opt for the DIY route or get professional web designers, the upcoming tips will still help you. 

    Choose a Website Building Platform

    Choosing a website-building platform depends on your goals and needs (1st Tip) for your web design. These website builders offer low-cost web designs according to your requirements. Platforms like Shopify, Wix, WordPress, etc. help businesses to build cost-efficient web designs. 

    Shopify web designs are famous in the e-commerce niche. You can make blogs or portfolios with Wix, Squarespace, etc. 

    These website builders offer custom templates and facilitate adding text, images, and custom domains according to business needs. 

    However, WordPress is customizable to build any kind of website, whether it is e-commerce, a portfolio, or a blog.

    There are several other platforms to build affordable websites for your business. Whichever platform you choose, you will find plenty of resources to help you build the web design for your business. 

    Leverage Free or Low-Cost Stuff

    You can leverage plenty of free stuff to keep your web design within your budget limit. For web designs, you can choose pre-made templates that come at little to no cost. 

    You can use stock footage platforms like Unsplash, Pixabay, or Pexels to get high-quality copyright-free media. You can also design your website’s design with the help of free tools like Canva. 

    Even if you do not find a premade template, customizing a template is a more cost-effective choice than creating a web design from scratch. 

    Recalling the 1st Tip: If you know what are your web design requirements and goals, choosing a web design template and copyright-free media will be easy for you.

    Keep It Simple

    When you make a simple web design, it costs you less and brings more engagement. One, because it is simple, not complex or fancy. Two, because unnecessary animations and calls to action hurt user experience, which affects revenue generation.

    An expert tip: web designers use a method called KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Why?

    Because the simpler a web design is, the more chances of engagement it brings. 

    So, what not to like in this method? It’s cost-efficient and brings more revenue. 

    Saving Content Management & SEO Costs with Free Tools

    Managing your website’s content means writing product descriptions, explaining what your website is about, writing content on topics related to your niches, etc. 

    Though a professional should handle your content and SEO (search engine optimization), you can manage both things yourself to limit the budget spending unless you have plenty of resources to delegate this work to the relevant pros.  

    But this also means you should study a bit about good content management and SEO practices. You can find plenty of free tutorials and articles to equip yourself with this. In this era of AI, you can leverage some AI tools like Claude AI or Google Bard to help you in content management. 

    Here are some free SEO tools that you can use:

    • Google’s keyword planner for planning keywords
    • Optimize your images with free online compression and conversion websites like Online File Compressor, Or use free WordPress plugins to optimize images. e.g. Smush, Optimus, WP Compress, etc.
    • Promote your website on your social media (It helps SERPs to recognize your website).
    • Track your SEO progress with free tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc. 

    Final Thoughts

    Building a low-cost web design does not have to be unprofessional. You can leverage several free tools to make an attractive, effective, and simple web design. The only con of building an affordable web design is that you might need to navigate through a lot of tools. 

    Remember, a website needs constant maintenance. SEO guidelines often change, web design might need upgrading, etc, so as soon as your budget allows, invest in your web design. Because statistically it pays off well. How much?

    For every $1 you invest, you get $100 in return on your web design. Also, we offer free consultation on your web design.