Why RWD (Responsive Web Design) is So Important?
9 May, 2024
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Why RWD (Responsive Web Design) is So Important?

The responsive web design means it adapts to the screen size it is displayed on, whether it is a PC, a mobile, or a tablet screen. Formerly, the websites were only optimized for desktop screens but lately, the consumer tendency has shifted towards mobiles. On average, 67% of the global population uses mobile phones in their daily lives and they use it for 4.8 hours every day. 

Smart businesses always analyze their customers’ behavior and intelligently adapt to their ever-changing needs and so is the case with websites. Having a responsive website helps businesses acquire leads through their customer’s favorite devices.  Below are some valuable points on why responsive web design is the need of the day. 

1. Improved User Experience

User experience is of utmost importance for any business. Normally businesses think about only the user experience of their products or services. Very few businesses think about the experience users undergo while inquiring about their products or services online. The businesses that take care of that experience truly excel in generating profits. 

A responsive web design helps you generate an amazing user experience by ensuring; 

  • Users do not encounter broken design layouts for any device (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc). 
  • The media (images, videos, sliders) gets adjusted to screen size properly, creating an immersive user experience.
  • The website copy directly speaks to your customer needs. 

A website with a responsive design enables you to deliver an amazing user experience, necessary to build trust with users.   

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2. Wider Audience

Responsiveness allows your website to be displayed on multiple screen sizes. This broadens your audience giving your business more exposure to potential customers.

Below is the global traffic share of multiple devices:  

  • 66.88% of Mobile Devices
  • 31.42% of Desktop Devices 
  • 1.7% of Tablets

The above data clearly shows the importance of website optimization for mobile devices. This is the average percentage of users who visit websites using these devices. So, hire a professional web design company and make your website responsive to address the maximum possible audience for your business. 

3. SEO Gains

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used by numerous businesses worldwide to boost their visibility in Google’s search page rankings. The top-ranking websites get the most chances of being visible to their potential customers. How does responsive web design fit in here?

Google prefers websites with responsive design. Why? 

Just like any business, Google looks at the usability and experience your website provides. A responsive website indicates the owner has put in effort to deliver useful value to maximum users on all platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc). Therefore, Google prefers responsive websites with great user experience.     

4. Time and Cost Efficiency

Time and money both are valuable resources for anyone. Smart businesses leverage both to amplify their growth. Responsive web design protects these resources by removing the hassle of developing separate web applications for mobile devices. Otherwise, your business will have to allocate resources for multiple platforms (mobile, desktop, etc).     

For instance, if your website is non-responsive it will only address desktop users leaving 66.88% of your mobile phone audience unattended. It also means you are not harnessing 66.88% of your potential revenue. Wouldn’t having a responsive web design ensure you are generating the maximum revenue from your website?   

Instead of handling multiple native apps for different platforms (android, IOS), you just focus on a single web app that allows you to address the entire audience, sparing you the management hassle and time for other necessary chores. 

5. Higher Conversion Rate

Responsive web design provides excellent user experience in every possible way. Your website’s loading speed is great on all devices, the website is attractive and SEO-friendly, and it appeals to a wider audience, all of which leads to higher conversion rates. 

You are giving users the solution they are looking for with minimal hassle, why wouldn’t they trust you and buy your products or services? They will. They need a solution to their problem which you have resulting in a higher conversion rate and boosted revenue.  


Responsive web design (RWD) is not something cosmetic but an integral part of a website. A website without RWD will only damage your business reputation rather than build it. Therefore, if you have a non-responsive website, it is better to not have a website. 

Responsive web design is here to stay. Users are no longer limited to just desktops or mobile screens, there are a number of other devices on the horizon. As users adapt to new technology, responsive web design will always be an integral part of web design. 

Now the most important question: Is your website responsive and delivering your desired results? 

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