Our Privacy Policy :

    At Logico, accessible from logico.co, one of our main priorities is the privacy of our visitors. 

    Here is our privacy policy;

    1. We do not buy information from anyone at all.
    2. Personal Information:The only information which our ads or our website contact form requests can be ;
    • Name 
    • Email Address 
    • Phone No
    • Details of the work for which user wants to hire us 
    1. Personal information obtained as mentioned above is used for communications with the client or can later be used for our service advertisement . Any user can email us at yasir@logico.co anytime to stop receiving any promotional emails from us.
    2. We do not share this personal information with any other company or business whatsoever. 
    3. We do not sell user information to any third party at all .
    4. Any user can email us at yasir@logico.co for removal of such information anytime he/she wants
    5. Information For Completion of Work : Any other information if requested is when we have any active contract of service with any of the users and such information is necessary for the completion of the work e.g. server details to put files and data on etc. For such information our policy is to request from our customers changing all their information on completion and delivery of the work. 
    6. We do not grab any information via cookies.
    7. If google or any other search engines track traffic on our website  that is something which neither we intend nor can control.
    8. We don’t work with children nor do we obtain any such information from them and if someone below 18 years wants to hire us for any project our privacy policy remains the same for him/her


    By using our website, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy and agree to its Terms and Conditions.